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A little bit about 
my re-wilding journey
A jar of dandelion honey in the grass

For the love of plants!

It all started with making my first dandelion honey…
I couldn’t believe that something most consider a ‘weed’ was both so delicious and absolutely packed with minerals and vitamins! So I thought, what more is out there? Are all ‘weeds & wildflowers' so nourishing and helpful? (jep, that's the company's name clue right there!) Had I overlooked these plant allies all this time, just because I never questioned what society had taught me to believe? 

And so the journey began. Within a few months I was nose deep into herbalist books, making my first herbal tinctures and body oils and I signed up for an in-depth course to become a certified herbalist under the wings of one of the wise ‘grandmothers of herbalism’, Rosemary Gladstar. 


Today I am so lucky to have a small but vibrant and life giving garden where I cultivate a lot of my own herbs and flowers. Growing up, my grandparents, more specifically my granddad, taught me how to garden and take care of the land. I’m slowly remembering and putting into practice the lessons he taught me and find myself forever learning new things about soil health, permaculture and reciprocity with the plants I grow and look after. Such a wild, wild journey! 


My introduction would not be complete without mentioning my four-legged garden assistant: Maggy. She fails beautifully in her attempts to guard the garden, inviting anyone who comes up our driveway, chews up numerous sticks to mulch - great for compost!- while overseeing my hard work, and often wonders, I'm sure, why the plants are getting all the attention! Don't worry, she gets loads of cuddles, walks, swims and takes up more than her half of the couch every evening! Above all, my favourite thing is our morning stroll, often still in pj's, at the quiet first hours of the day.  Together, we wander around the garden to see what needs our attention today. 

And so the plants that I grow and those I sustainably harvest in the wild surroundings around my house are at the center of all my preparations. 

Wether it’d be a soothing calendula or chickweed salve, a nourishing rose and willow bark oil,  or the variety of medicinal tinctures with many different properties, 
the healing benefits of these plant beings are deeply infused into all my preparations and it is my hope that perhaps they spark a little ‘herbal curiosity’ in whoever uses them. 

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